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Senior Projects
Sea Country Senior and Community Center Parking Lot
The City held a community meeting on Monday, September 18 to hear concerns from residents. We heard you loud and clear and the City has already conveyed the message to the City Council. Among some of the concerns included, but are not limited to, costs, decline in aesthetics, potential for crime and nuisances such as loud music, trash, graffiti, loitering, and traffic concerns. At this time, the Sea Country Auxiliary Parking lot planning process is currently on hold while the City evaluates resident concerns and suggestions regarding feasibility. In addition, City representatives will be meeting with Board members to discuss next steps. Please continue to check back for latest updates. 

The City has also compiled the following list of Frequently Asked Questions to help answer some questions: 

Why is the City building a second parking lot at the Sea Country Senior Center and Community? 
Sea Country Senior and Community Center provides programs and services to seniors during the day and the community in the evening. With the growing senior population who desire to participate in the senior programs and services offered, this facility attracts over 200 visitors a day. This has created a higher demand for additional parking. The City has received numerous requests from the public and the Senior Citizen Committee for additional parking spaces at or near the Sea Country Senior and Community Center. 

The odd-shaped, unused parcel of land across the street from the current parking lot was gifted to the City. At a publicly noticed May 10, 2017 Budget Workshop, the Council determined that the best use of this property would be to increase the parking capacity for participants and employees at the Sea Country Senior and Community Center. 

Where will the new parking be and how many additional parking spaces will it have?
The new parking lot will be built across the street from the Sea Country Senior and Community Center on an undeveloped parcel at the intersection of Aliso Creek Road and Yosemite Road, across from the Sea Country Senior and Community Center. This new parking lot will add extra parking spaces in addition to the 90 parking spaces on-site. The consultant will provide three different design alternatives to choose from, which may change the final number of parking spaces. Depending on the final layout, 20 or more parking spaces may be created. 

How much will the project cost?
The City Council approved an initial $350,000 in the fiscal year 2017-18 budget to complete this project.  At the August 15, 2017 meeting, the Council awarded a design contract to Kimley Horn and Associates, Inc. in the amount of $122,452. 

What is the status of the project?
The City has hired a consultant to help design the auxiliary parking lot. The pre-design phase is currently underway and is expected to be completed in a couple of months. Once plans are finalized, the concept plans will be shared with the Senior Citizen’s Committee for input before they are presented to the City Council for approval. 

How will the City help ensure the safety of those using the new parking lot located across the street from the Sea Country Senior and Community Center? 
Community members have shared the potential risks the parking lot may create for individuals crossing Yosemite Road to get to the Sea Country Senior and Community Center. Concerns are associated with distracted and inattentive pedestrians crossing the street and high traffic speeds and the curvature of the road for drivers turning onto Yosemite Road from Aliso Creek Road. The City has conveyed these concerns to the consultant. Enhancing safety is a top priority and the consultant will make recommendations using signage and other techniques as appropriate. In addition, to best accommodate daytime senior visitors, City staff may park at the auxiliary lot leaving the on-site parking lot more available to senior visitors. 

What will happen to the trees and wildlife on the proposed site?
The City will comply with all State and Federal environmental laws and the consultant will ensure all environmental guidelines are adhered to. 

Adult Fitness Park
The City has also conveyed the concerns associated with the fitness park to the City Council. Among these concerns are those associated with cost, traffic, potential nuisances, and parking. The City has also compiled the following list of Frequently Asked Questions to help answer some questions: 

Why is the City building an Adult Fitness Park? 
Also known as an outdoor fitness park, adult fitness parks also commonly referred to as senior fitness parks began in Europe and are becoming more popular as our population ages. Adult fitness parks differ from traditional parks in the choice of equipment and intended use and purpose. This park will be designed specifically for the older population and includes equipment tailored to combat the effects of cognitive and physical deterioration of older adults. An outdoor fitness park might include elements like stationary and recumbent bicycles, side-by-side striders, face-to-face leg presses and hand-eye dexterity games. Regardless of an adult’s level of fitness, this type of park encourages adults to be more active and spend more time outdoors while keeping the mind and body healthier for Laguna Niguel’s aging population.

Where will the Adult Fitness Park be located?
The City has identified Yosemite Park as the potential ideal location for an Adult Fitness Park, which is located five minutes and within walking distance from the Sea County Senior and Community Center. If Yosemite Park is confirmed to be selected location, the City intends to use an area of this park to build the Adult Fitness Park that will feature equipment and amenities geared for the older population. 

How much will the project cost?
The City Council budgeted $150,000 for this fiscal year (July 1, 2017-June 30, 2018) to begin the design of the park. The goal for the annual budget is to set money aside each year for the next four years in order to construct the park using the funds set aside for this purpose. 

What is the status of the project?
The City is in the process of selecting a consultant to help design the park with City staff and the Parks & Recreation Commission. The design contract is expected to be awarded in the coming months. In addition, community members can participate in shaping the design of the park during this conceptual design stage through community workshops and a survey. Future workshop opportunities will be announced on the city’s website and Facebook pages. Once plans are finalized and approved by the City Council, the City will issue final bid documents for a construction firm to build the park. At this time, we are anticipating that construction of the Fitness Park will begin in 4-5 years.

What amenities will the Adult Fitness Park offer? 
During design of the Adult Fitness Park, representatives from the City, Parks & Recreation Commission, Senior Citizens Committee, Alzheimer’s Association, and select gerontologists will be involved with the design and will carefully consider public input, as well as selection of appropriate equipment offered. Community input is also welcome at all stages of the design process. 

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