General Information and Vacancies

The City of Laguna Niguel has a number of commissions and committees that perform a valuable service by providing a means by which the City Council can obtain the advice, opinions, and recommendations of City residents and other members of the community.

To become a member of a commission and/or committee, citizens are asked to file an application with the City Clerk, prior to an interview and selection by the City Council. These selections normally occur in December of each year, or at other times when a vacancy occurs.  For more information on applications, please email

At this time, the City is no longer accepting applications to fill positions for upcoming vacancies.

Please note, from December 7, 2022 to early April 2023, the Council Chambers at City Hall will be closed for the City Council Chamber Improvements Project. All City Council, Commission, and Committee meetings will be held at the Crown Valley Community Center (29751 Crown Valley Pkwy), with the exception of the Senior Citizens Committee Meetings, which will continue to be held at Sea Country Senior & Community Center (24602 Aliso Creek Rd). 

To view the most recent list of appointed commission and committee members, along with appointment date and when their term expires, CLICK HERE

To view the Commission and Committee Member Guide, please CLICK HERE

Below are the qualifications required for each commission and committee: 

Parks & Recreation Commission
Laguna Niguel Resident and Registered Voter
Planning Commission
Laguna Niguel Resident and Registered Voter
Traffic & Transportation 
Laguna Niguel Resident and Registered Voter

Investment, Banking & Audit 
Laguna Niguel Resident, Registered Voter, and Substantial Relevant Education/Experience
Military Support Committee
Senior Citizens Committee
Laguna Niguel Resident, Registered Voter, and 
55 years or older
Youth Committee
Laguna Niguel Resident, High School Student, and Maintain a GPA of 2.25 or higher