Pacific Island Drive - Drainage and Wall Improvements

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Project Description: 

This project will address the drainage and runoff issues along Pacific Island Drive by installing new drainage and a permanent reinforced concrete wall. The project design phase includes obtaining easements for maintenance and construction. Budgeted funds for Fiscal Year 2022-23 will be utilized to negotiate the construction and drainage easements necessary for improvements. 

Project Schedule: 

  • Award of Design Services Contract: September 2021
  • Design Completed: January 2023
  • Construction Phase: March 2024
  • Right-of-Way Phase: Completed August 2023
  • Current Status: Bidding is Complete
CIP - Pacific Island Drive Drainage

Project Funding:

  • FY 21-22 Project Funding: $100,000 (SB1)
  • FY 22-23 Project Funding: $50,000 (Gas Tax HUTA)
  • FY 23-24 Project Funding: $500,000 (Gas Tax HUTA)