Curb Number Painting Program

Painted Curb

Project Description: 

This project seeks to repaint fading house numbers on curb faces along public streets throughout the City. The existing curb numbers will be painted over with new white and black number. The project will improve the identification and safety for most residential properties through the City. The curb number painting program is funded by the City’s General Funds.

For any questions, please contact the Project Manager, Jeff Metz, at

Project Schedule: 

  • Award of Contract: March 2022
  • Start of Painting Services: April 2022
  • Completion of Painting Services: June 2022
  • Current Status: Painting Services started the week of April 25th. 

Project Funding: 

  • FY 21-22 Project Budget: $50,000 (General Fund)

Curb Painting in Progress