Aliso Creek Road Slurry and Traffic Improvements

alisobike lane

Project Description: 

This project will include roadway maintenance and repair of Aliso Creek Road from Moulton Parkway to La Paz Road. The work will include the repair of isolated areas of failed pavement, pavement slurry seal, traffic signal detection upgrades to video/radar detection, and roadway marking, striping and signing. Completion of this project supports City Council Goal 4 (Infrastructure and Technology) of the Strategic Plan Implementation Action Plan. 

Project Delivery Schedule: 

  • Award of Construction Contract: July 2023
  • Start Construction: October 2023
  • Construction Complete: March 2024
  • Current Phase: Construction
  • Current Status: Construction is 20% complete
CIP - Aliso Creek

Project Funding: 

  • FY 23-24 Project Budget: $350,000 (Gas Tax SB 1)