Field Allocation Policy

The City recognizes that Youth and Adult Sports Leagues are conducted by various non-profit organizations that have an established history of providing a valued service to the community. These organizations are charter members of the City Sports Advisory Committee and have as their mission the provision of athletic activities for the residents of Laguna Niguel.

The activities that they provide are open and available to the general public and, furthermore, at least 75% of the Youth League participants are Laguna Niguel residents and at least 60% of the Adult League participants are Laguna Niguel residents. In appreciation of this service, the City allows, at a nominal charge (Category A of Fee Structure), use of city athletic facilities by non-profit organizations to run their programs.

In recognition of the provision of this valued community service in past sports seasons and to secure a continued partnership which provides these programs to the Youth & Adults of Laguna Niguel in the future, the City of Laguna Niguel recognizes the following non-profit sports organizations as the designated lead service provider for the various types of sports leagues that they conduct and the age groups that they serve. The below non-profit sports organizations will receive guaranteed first priority for field time needed to support league operations.

Organization Type of Sports Leagues Provided Age Groups Served
AYSO Soccer (Region #41) Youth Soccer 5-18 years old
Laguna Niguel Girls Softball Youth (Girls) Softball 5-16years old
Laguna Niguel Little League 
Youth (Boys) Baseball 6-12 years old
Laguna Niguel Youth Soccer Association Youth Soccer 5-18 years old
Laguna Niguel Adult Co-ed Soccer Adult Soccer 18 years old and up
United States Youth Volleyball League Youth Volleyball 7-16 years old

This policy is in no way intended to discourage or prohibit other groups or organizations from requesting field time. Additional Athletic Facility requests will be evaluated and permits issued on a first-come, first-serve, basis after City/LNCSD recognized designated lead organizations secure field time needed to support league operations.