Which traffic signals are coordinated?
Generally, only the ones on the major streets that are designed to carry large volumes of traffic over longer distances are part of a coordinated system. In Laguna Niguel, this includes Alicia Parkway, Crown Valley Parkway and Moulton/Golden Lantern and Pacific Park Drive.

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1. What is Traffic Signal Coordination?
2. What is the best way/method for getting through the most signals without stopping?
3. Even if I drive at the speed limit I don’t seem to make it through all the lights. Why?
4. Which traffic signals are coordinated?
5. When are they coordinated?
6. Are signals coordinated in both directions?
7. Does coordination “break” at major intersections because the cross street volume is also very high?
8. Sometimes I have to wait almost 1-½ minutes (but can seem like 5 minutes) to get a green on a side street or a left turn even when there seems to gaps in traffic. Why?
9. Why don’t you coordinate all the time?
10. How do the signals operate when you don’t coordinate?