Pavement Management Program

The City maintains publicly owned streets through various strategies:

Routine maintenance

  • Weekly street sweeping
  • Pot hole repair as discovered or reported
  • Crack sealing to prevent water from penetrating the street into the sub grade

Extraordinary Maintenance 

  • Installation of sub-drains where necessary
  • Slurry sealing residential streets every 7 years based on available funds
  • Overlaying residential streets with a 2” thick new asphalt layer – Every 20 to 25 years
  • Reconstruction – Removal of the asphalt and sub-grade material and reconstruction with new aggregate base and asphalt, when necessary
  • Arterial streets are repaved with new asphalt every 10 to 20 years depending on conditions

Cal Recycle Rubberized Pavement Grant Program

Street Moratorium

The City places moratoriums on any street that has been reconstructed or slurry sealed. Moratoriums on streets are valid after construction is completed for five years for a reconstruction project and two years for a slurry sealing project. There are strict terms and conditions for replacement of the asphalt or concrete on streets with a moratorium in place. The moratorium list is updated as projects are complete, so be sure to check the list on a regular basis.

Street Moratorium Map

7-Year Residential Slurry Seal Program