Internet Safety for Teens


Internet safety isn’t about a bunch of rules telling you “never do this,” or trying to scare you into safe behavior. Internet safety is about avoiding being ripped off, disrespected, bullied, scammed, or stalked while you’re just trying to have a good time online. You don’t need to be sold on all the really great opportunities the Internet offers, but you do need to understand how to dodge problems.

Staying Safer Just Takes Learning a Few Things

Most of you are already pretty good at using the online sites you’re interested in or have friends that help you. Over 60% of you have already taken steps to be safer online.

But there is a real difference between the steps you’ve taken to be safe online and what it really takes to be safe and savvy online. The difference has nothing to do with how skilled you are at using Internet services - even the most advanced web developer has to learn how to be safe online because the dangers come from other people, not programming code. Read more regarding internet safety for teens.