Mayor & City Council

The City Council consists of five (5) members, elected from the City at-large, who serve four year staggered terms. Annually, the City Council appoints a Mayor and a Mayor Pro Tem from its own membership to serve a one-year term. The Mayor is responsible for presiding over City Council meetings, representing the City Council at various business and ceremonial events, and executing all City ordinances, resolutions, and contracts. The Mayor Pro Tem performs these duties in the absence of the Mayor. As a legislative body, the City Council is responsible for enacting local laws, adopting the annual budget and Capital Improvement Program, and reviewing and adopting policies, agreements, and other City business items.

The City Council appoints the City Manager and City Attorney, as well as the members of the various citizen advisory boards, commissions and ad-hoc committees. 

The Laguna Niguel City Council Policies and Procedures have been established by the City Council, City Manager, and Department Directors to promote organizational efficiencies and consistency in the delivery of City programs and services. These policies and procedures cover a broad range of topics from those established by the City Council, to general administration, to specific department operations.

Meeting Details & Location

The City Council meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. at City Hall in Council Chambers. View the Council Meeting Agenda.

Any person wishing to address the City Council on any matter, whether or not it appears on the Agenda, may do so under the Public Communications portion of the Agenda. Each individual is required to complete a "Request to Speak" form and is allowed three (3) minutes to address the Council. No action will be taken on any items not on the Agenda.

Regular City Council meetings are aired live on Cox Cable Channel 853, AT&T U-Verse Channel 99 and on the City’s YouTube Channel at Rebroadcasted meetings are available for viewing on: Cox Cable/AT&T U-Verse channels at 6:00 p.m. daily following each meeting.

Both live and rebroadcasted videos of the City Council meetings may also be viewed on the City's YouTube Channel.