Laguna Niguel: 2050 - The Pursuit of Happiness Strategic Plan

On Tuesday, November 19, 2019, the Laguna Niguel City Council adopted its first-ever Strategic Plan. Developing Laguna Niguel's first-ever Strategic Plan marks a major milestone for the community as a whole. The City initiated its strategic planning process to set goals and priorities for its future. Through the strategic planning process, the City has been able to create a blueprint for the future and develop a plan to accomplish its determined direction. The Strategic Plan is intended to define current and future needs and establish goals and strategies that, when implemented, will enable the City to meet those needs. The core goals identified are:

  • Goal 1: Public Safety
  • Goal 2: Fiscal Sustainability
  • Goal 3: Open Space and Environmental Preservation
  • Goal 4: Infrastructure and Technology
  • Goal 5: Economic and Community Development
  • Goal 6: Communication and Community Outreach

In addition, the Strategic Plan identifies the City's mission statement, vision statement, and guiding values.


The City of Laguna Niguel is committed to providing a vibrant quality of life for all residents, businesses and visitors in a safe, beautiful and involved community.


The City of Laguna Niguel is dedicated to preserving a safe, flourishing and community-oriented environment through thoughtful engagement, financial responsibility, and a commitment to innovation.









A collaborative process was used to develop this Strategic Plan. Various stakeholders were involved throughout the process, including City residents, business-owners, and Council Members. This process included the preparation of an environmental scan in which quantitative and qualitative data was analyzed, a community strategic plan survey which resulted in an astounding 1,271 responses, and a workshop with the City Council and executive staff.

The Strategic Plan also includes an Implementation Action Plan which identifies and lists all strategies, key implementation tasks, lead responsibilities, other agency involvement, staff and financial resources, timeline, and success indicators for each goal. This management tool will guide City staff's work and continue to be updated to ensure that the established goals are being achieved.


Yearly Accomplishments