Police Auxiliary Citizens' Team

The Police Auxiliary Citizens’ Team (P.A.C.T.) is a volunteer program for adults residing in Laguna Niguel. Volunteers are assigned operational and administrative duties normally performed by uniformed officers. This support gives deputies more time to concentrate on law enforcement-related functions. 

P.A.C.T. Services
  • Vacation Home Checks – This free service involves a physical check of the residence to ensure it is secure during the owner's absence. All doors and windows are checked on a regular basis to make sure they have not been tampered with. 
  • You Are Not Alone Program (Y.A.N.A.) – This free program provides a measure of security and safety for people who are primarily alone. Participants may request senior volunteers to visit their residence or make a phone call to to check on their well-being.  If no answer, a Deputy will be contacted for follow-up. 
  • Parking Control – A service provided to residents and businesses that are experiencing parking problems. P.A.C.T. volunteers will respond to check these problem areas and will address the issue accordingly. 
  • Bike Patrol – The mission of the PACT Bike Patrol is to provide an additional set of eyes & ears to report crime and alert the city to potential problems & safety concerns by patrolling trails, neighborhoods, parks, shopping areas, and around schools. Bike Patrol inspects these areas for vandalism, graffiti, hazards, and homeless activity. Additionally, Bike Patrol members educate the public with informal contacts by providing information on e-bike safety, trail etiquette, and rules of the road.
  • Special Events – Volunteers support staff at most City events providing traffic control and logistical assistance.
  • Front Desk -- The primary focus of the Front Desk Liaison is to provide continuous coverage at reception for Police Services. Duties include answering questions, assisting visitors in getting concerns/questions addressed as well as directing visitors to appropriate locations for services performed elsewhere.

To request any of these services, call the P.A.C.T. team at (949) 362-4346. If you are interested in becoming a member of P.A.C.T., submit an Application Form