Environmental Programs

Mark Sanderson Photo No. 17 (Resized)

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Energy Efficiency

The Public Works Department for the City of Laguna Niguel is committed to implementing and maintaining energy efficiency throughout the city and our efforts are reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

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Landscape Preservation

Public Works is dedicated to maintaining the natural beauty and environment of Laguna Niguel through water quality control standards, organics-first practices, and drought-tolerant landscapes that attract natural pollinators, such as bees and butterflies.

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Resource and Recycling Management

Laguna Niguel trash collection and recycling services are provided by the City's exclusive franchised hauler, CR&R Environmental Services, Inc.  Laguna Niguel and CR&R launched an Organics Recycling Program on July 1, 2019. This new program collects food scraps and yard waste in your green cart. The organic material is taken to CR&R's Regional Organics Anaerobic Recovery (ROAR) Facility and converted into renewable natural gas and anaerobic compost.

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Urban Runoff Management

The mission of the City’s Urban Runoff Management Program is to maintain and promote quality of surface water for the citizens of Laguna Niguel and to ensure compliance with the surface water quality regulations. The goal is to protect the quality of water in our creeks and ocean by prohibiting polluted and illicit discharges, e.g. over-irrigation runoff, into the storm drain system and by reducing the pollution load carried into the City’s storm drain system during rain events.

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The City of Laguna Niguel has established 13 wetland sites throughout the Aliso Creek watershed, consisting primarily of freshwater marsh and riparian areas. Wetlands are among the most important ecosystems in the world. Public Works was awarded the 2022 APWA Project of the Year for its habitat restoration of the Salt Creek Wetland Mitigation Project and the creation of an interactive wetlands maps on the City's website.

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