Organic First

The City of Laguna Niguel recognizes the importance of protecting human health and the environment from the effects of pesticides. In order to ensure the health and safety of its citizens, the City has adopted an Organic First pesticide policy for all City-owned properties, parks, and open spaces. This policy aims to prioritize the use of non-toxic, organic, and natural pest control methods over synthetic chemicals that may pose risks to public health and the environment. 

The City uses organic pest management methods as the primary approach to pest control. These methods may include behavioral, mechanical, and biological controls such as habitat manipulation, hand weeding, the use of beneficial insects, and installing pest-resistant plants. Prevention is key to control, which is why the City chooses pest-resistant plant varieties and monitors pest populations to prevent infestations.

The City has a one-year test pilot program on treating grass turf at Juaneno Park with organic based fertilizers, Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) listed pesticides, and hand weed control. Once the pilot program has concluded, a summary report will be issued with findings comparing the conventional turf management to the organic, test-pilot turf management. 

Juaneno Park Organic v Conventional Turf Management

Compost & Mulch

Each year, Public Works uses 90 tons of organic compost and 500 yards of organic mulch in City landscapes and parks, with plans to increase use.