Youth Committee

The Youth Committee is responsible for: maintaining and updating the Youth Community and Volunteer Service Directory, and Youth Employment Directory.  They also plan and participate in an annual local youth job fair, review and recommend new teen recreation programs and events, plan one or two teen recreation programs each year, participate as volunteers at City sponsored events, provide youth input on various City projects, and work cooperatively with the Dana Point Youth Board. 

The Youth Committee meets on the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm in the Council Chambers at City Hall. In addition to attending monthly committee meetings, Youth Committee members attend annual joint meetings with the City Council and the Parks and Recreation Commission. Their goal is to create a positive working relationship with the City Council and other city organizations in an attempt to give the teens of Laguna Niguel a strong voice and presence in the community.


The Youth Committee is comprised of up to fifteen (15) members who are appointed by the City Council. All members are high school students residing in Laguna Niguel. 

Current 2020-2021 Youth Committee Members

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Songs for Seniors

The 3rd Annual Songs for Seniors event is organized by the Laguna Niguel Youth Committee. Local high school musicians and vocalists are invited to perform "virtually" for senior citizens. We thank you for your interest and hope to make this event memorable!

You will receive one service hour for submitting this form, and, if you are selected, you will receive a total of 3 service hours. Those chosen will be filmed at the Laguna Niguel Amphitheater located at the Crown Valley Park. Filming will only be done in-person and all COVID-19 guidelines must be adhered to. 

IMPORTANT: If chosen, we will be emailing you about the date for filming your performance.

PLEASE NOTE: These performances are intended for senior citizens, so please keep that in mind when selecting your music genre.

If you are chosen, you will be contacted with additional information via the email you provide. Everyone will be notified of the status of their application by February 9th, 2021.

DUE DATE: This application is due by February 7th, 2021 at 11:59 P.M.

For any questions, please contact either:
John Reid -
Gretchen Malcolm -

Submit your application today!